Current PhD Research

Creative Writing at Stirling is home to a range of exciting, practice-based research projects by doctoral students… You can find out more about them and their projects below:

Lorna Hill, Bloody Women: The Role of Women in Scottish and Scandinavian Crime Fiction (AHRC DTP Funded)

I am researching the role of women in contemporary Scottish and Scandinavian crime fiction, with a particular focus on texts written by female authors and the way in which female protagonists have transformed this genre of fiction. Drawing on a combination of interdisciplinary resources including literary texts from Scottish and Scandinavian authors, and research from Publishing Studies and Gender and Feminist Studies, the aim of this Creative Writing project is to produce a narrative that imagines a Scottish society, driven predominantly by women, and investigate whether the outcomes of crimes would differ from current trends in contemporary Scotland.  My professional background is in journalism, marketing and PR. I have an LLB from Aberdeen University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Newspaper Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire and an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University.

Roseanne Watt, Aa My Mindin; Time and Timelessness in the poetry of the Scottish Isles (AHRC DTP Funded)

I was brought up in the Shetland Islands, and so much of my work deals with the connection of self and place. My research project — Aa My Mindin; Time and Timelessness in the poetry of the Scottish Isles — is in the disciplines of poetry and filmmaking. and primarily involves the creation of an archive of ‘film portraits’, exploring the importance and fragility of cultural memory, from which I will write thirty to thirty-five original poems. This project is supervised by Professor Kathleen Jamie and Dr Sarah Neely.  More about my project can be read on the SGSAH website; here:


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